About Soy Enjoyable Candles

Resourceful Beginnings

It all started with an internet search!

In 2009, a favorite boutique for purchasing my soy candles closed up shop. After coming up short in my search for a store that sold soy candles near me, I came across a provider for candle supplies. After lots of testing, testing and more testing, the candles caught on with family and friends. 

In 2010, Soy Enjoyable Candles was born.
Testing continues to this day when creating Private Label candles.

What is so ‘enjoyable’ about soy wax?

I’ll do my best here to make a long story short! Soy wax is an all natural product coming from the oils of the soybean plant. It’s a renewable resource grown and harvested mostly in the Midwest-Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

After processing, the leftovers are used for animal feed. Win-win! Soy wax also burns slower, cleaner and maintains its scent throughout the life of the candle.

The wax in our candles, once melted, can actually be used as a lotion ( just make sure to blow out the candle first). The pool of melted wax is warm and never hot to the touch (because it’s NOT petroleum based like paraffin candles) and cleans up easily with hot soapy water. It’s true! Give it a try!

Why choose Our Candles

Our criterion for choosing what ingredients we use to make our candles is rigid.

We’ve excluded all fragrance oils that do not meet our safety standards. You don’t need to worry about any carcinogens on the Prop 65 list or phthalates and some fragrance oils are infused with essential oils. Think of us as an emissions test for candles!

Our wicks are all natural and are free of metals (used for stability).

Our premium soy wax holds a lot of fragrance and ‘throws’ well when the candle is burning. (This is called a “hot throw”)

No dyes are added (with the exception of the special order baby-themed candles) to maintain the white color when dry.

Besides all that, our candles look awesome! 😉

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Soy Enjoyable Candles is located in Downers Grove, IL.

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